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1. Kramer Auction Acquires Your Items

The first step is placing your guns, ammunition, or other items in the possession of Kramer Auction Service. For many people, this involves making an appointment to deliver your guns to Kramer Auction in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

For larger collections, it can be arranged that Kramer Auction picks up and transports the guns from your location.

In either situation, all of the items are added to a detailed inventory list and a contract is signed. While going over the contract, Kramer Auction staff will explain the entire auction process and what you can expect.

Once your collection is acquired by Kramer Auction, it is fully ensured. Kramer Auction Service is a fully licensed firearms dealer that implements all required record keeping and paperwork processes.

Interested in selling your guns? Contact Curt Kramer at (608) 326-8108.

Video: Kramer Auction travels to pick up and  inventory a 500+ gun collection.

2. Kramer Auction Takes Care of Everything

Every aspect of the the sale and transfer of the guns is professionally handled by the experienced staff at Kramer Auction Service. Here’s some of the details regarding what we do:

  • All firearms and other items are securely stored and organized in our facilities – fully insured.
  • For each auction, items are cataloged with in-depth expert descriptions and professionally photographed – so potential buyers can trust what they are bidding on is accurate and bid with confidence.
  • All sales are marketed and promoted nationally – online and in print – to gun buyers & collectors.
  • When an auction goes “live” online, it is posted for three weeks – allowing buyers to leave bids and track items. By selling in the online marketplace, it helps ensure that guns sell at market price. Approximately 70% of our gun auction inventory is shipped to all parts of the United States as well as to international buyers.
  • All state and federal regulations are followed regarding sales, long gun and handgun  transfers, background checks, record keeping, and more. Kramer Auction Service handles it all.
  • After the auction and payments are processed, Kramer Auction carefully packages and ships any items that are not picked up in person. Working with thousands of other licensed FFL dealers, guns are shipped and transferred legally and with great care.

3. You Get Paid!

Shortly after the auction has completed, you will receive a check from Kramer Auction Service! That’s it!

Phone: 608-326-8108
203 E. Blackhawk Ave.
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821