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If you purchase a modern firearm that needs to be shipped to a licensed dealer, you will need to make arrangements with them to receive the shipment from Kramer Auction.

Kramer Auction will need a current copy of that dealer’s Federal Firearms License (FFL) sent to us before we can ship your gun to the dealer. Please take the time to make arrangements to have that FFL sent as soon after the auction as possible.

Because we ship to thousands of dealers each year, it is helpful to us – and speeds up the shipping process – to receive a copy of an FFL for each sale, even if you have purchased guns with us before. In addition to helping us quickly know where any guns should be sent, it also ensures that the licenses we have on file stay up to date and we don’t have to make assumptions about which dealer in your area you’d like to work with.

FFL’s can be emailed to . 

And again, once your gun arrives at your area licensed gun dealer, they will handle any required paperwork and background checks with you before you take possession of the firearm.

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203 E. Blackhawk Ave.
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