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6 Rare & Transferable Machine Guns in Kramer's August 16th Firearms Sale

On Sat. Aug 16th, Kramer Auction Service of Prairie du Chien, WI will conduct their late Summer 2014 Firearms Auction. This Sale will feature 6 rare & desirable Transferable Full Auto Sub-Machine Guns! Rarely available at public auction transferable machine guns are quite collectable & are typically regarded as "Blue Chip" Collectibles due to their ever increasing value.  Its said say the best time to invest in transferable machine guns is whenever they are available!

Machine gun Models on this auction include a WWII era Beretta 38/40 9mm; S&W Model 76, US M2 Carbine, Sten MK5, H&R Reising Model 50 & Phoenix Cartridge Co. 45 ACP serial #1. All of these estate guns are in nice condition & are good runners.  These guns can be viewed on online at for online or Absentee Bidding options & well Kramer's website with video footage of these guns in action!  Any other questions on these or any other collectible weapons on Kramer's Late Summer 2014 Gun Auction can be directed to Curt Kramer at (608) 326-8108.

Can these machine guns be owned by you? Below you will find some interesting & valuable information pertaining to what collectors refer to as "Transferable Machine Guns"

The 6 above listed Machine guns are registered in the national Firearms Registration & Transfer Record. These type of machine guns are commonly referred to as "Transferable Machine Guns" by collectors. Approximately 240,000 machine guns are on the National Firearms Registry. With up to 1/2 of these arms reside in police departments & their govt. agencies; that leaves as few as 120,000 registered machine guns in the hands of private collectors & shooters.  That number will never increase; & for that reason, the price of collectible registered guns has steadily increased with demand.

The number one myth about registered Machine guns is “You need to be a Class 3 Firearms Dealer to own them”.  Not True! 25 States have no further restrictions on civilian ownership of machine guns other than what is required by federal law.  Other states like Minnesota allow C&R (Curio & Relic) types such as WWII era machine guns like Thompsons or German MP40's.  In Wisconsin any type of Registered & Transferable machine gun is ok to own by individual if you take the following steps once you have located a gun you wish to purchase.

1.  If the Machine gun you are buying is in your state of residence great, otherwise you will need to have it shipped to a Class3 dealer in your sate of Residence.

2. Next you will need to fill out a ATF Form 4 application to transfer a NFA weapon to yourself.  A portion of the Form 4 will need be filled out & signed by your local Chief Law enforcement agent. (ie. Local Police Chief or Sheriff)

3. Since you are at your local Police or Sheriffs station have yourself  fingerprinted w/ passport photos taken. You will also need to fill out a form certifying that you are a citizen of the United States & that you are who you say you are. These items will also need to be sent in with your Form 4 as well as a $200 check to the NFA branch of the ATF for your new Tax Stamp required with your Machine gun.

4. This process typically takes 5-7 months, but after you receive the OK you can now legally possess your very own Machine Gun!

While this is not a quick or simple procedure to go through, if you have the proper guidance & patience you will be rewarded by owning some of the most rare & fascinating types of weapon available for civilian ownership in the America, your very own Machine Gun!




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